KPMD Benefits

KPMD meets all meaningful use requirements and helps hospitals and solo and group practices streamline workflow and help provide improved patient outcomes and provider revenues. KPMD intelligent design helps customers of all specialties and sizes improve efficiency, patient health, and productivity.

Efficiencies - Save time, money and streamline workflow

  • KPMD practice management tools makes each point of contact more productive for clinical and administrative staff, with intelligent design placing tasks as diverse as billing, scheduling, and Rx refills within easy reach of each patient's chart, improving interactivity and results for all involved.
  • Flexible design allows different practices to configure the system with customizable templates and screens to meet their unique processes and best business practices.
  • KPMD workflow platform documents care and calculates cost simultaneously.
  • The system's customizable report generator enables standard, user defined, and Ad hoc reporting at the enterprise, practice, location, and provider level.

Patient Services - Continuity of care, flexible scheduling, patient safety measures

  • Integrated charting, orders and e-prescribing ensure medication reconciliation for each patient, avoiding errors and improving the overall quality of care.
  • Patients can register and access their records from home via the KPMD secure Internet portal.
  • Centralized scheduling streamlines the process of registering patients while maintaining all their demographic, insurance, relationship and employment data.
  • KPMD also supports case management, which enables users to combine and review multiple related encounters and create continuity of care plans for each patient.

Revenue Enhancement - Save, reduce, forecast, report, automate

  • KPMD streamlines front and back office administration to reduce A/R days and increase revenue.
  • Integrated cutting edge functionality upgrades registration, automated scheduling, charge entry, patient billing, claims processing, payment posting, A/R management, collections and reporting.
  • Computer assisted coding that is integrated to billing minimizes billing errors and expedites claims processing.
  • Automates processes that typically require manual intervention, such as generating encounter bills, electronic claims, paper claims, statements, appointment reminders, collection letters, stored procedures, person merges, and memorized reports, as well as eligibility and claim status requests.

KPMD provides continual upgrades and ongoing customization at no additional cost.

Support & Services

KPMD will provide:

  • Installation
  • On-Site Training
  • Application Customization
  • 24/7 on-line support

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